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Five Guys of Smokey Joe's Cafe

By Karen Fisher

Since 1994, Vicky Thomasson has searched for a group of performers that has the incredible passion and camaraderie for which the Wizard of Oz cast is so well known.  Finally, the yellow brick road has led Vicky to Oz again on the neighborhood streets of Smokey Joe’s Café. The prized cast includes two cousins, a life-long friend, a new friend, and a “brother from another.”      

The five guys of Smokey Joe’s Café are played by Mario Sadler, Lionel Best, LeVar Medley, Ricardo Clauden, and Keith McDonald.  Unlike the Oz characters, these guys already have brains, big hearts, and ample courage. They are looking for fun, new memories, a challenge, excitement, and a dream come true.


Lying In State

February Brings Political Comedy

February brings many things: cold weather, Valentines, Black History Month, and Super Tuesday. Every recent newscast tells us the latest on the political landscape.

What better time, therefore, for Halifax County Little Theatre to present "Lying in State," a political comedy guaranteed to leave you feeling better about what looks to be a long election year.

Directed by Becky Donner, "Lying in State" is inspired by the 2000 Missouri election that had a deceased Senate candidate actually defeat John Ashcroft, who later became the United States Attorney General. The absurdity of that election must have tickled the funny bone of playwright David Hyde, who then penned the delightful comedy.

"Lying in State" is set in a funeral parlor, and the deceased is a state senator, Ed, who had been running for reelection. Unfortunately, his popularity numbers were down, and he was expected to lose the election. However, he has defended his home against intruders and lost his life, and suddenly his numbers are up.


It's A Wonderful Life

Image“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven . . . there is no good in them, but for a man to rejoice, and to do good in his life.”  (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 12).

George Bailey lived by this doctrine. But like many of us, he began doubting the significance of his existence instead of proclaiming, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Beginning November 16th at The Prizery, you can travel with George and his guardian angel, Clarence, on a passage from despair to thanksgiving in Halifax County Little Theatre’s upcoming rendition of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


It's A Wonderful Life - Children


Members of the cast include: front row(L to R) Sierra Nunn, Sara Noblin, Anna Clowdis, Micaela Berry, Olivia Noblin and Sarah Brogden. Back row(L to R) Alexis Reaves Tatianna Roberson, Tori Plitt, Elizabeth Brogden, Emily Hansen, and Mikaela Cook.

Few experiences in life can bring a smile to the face of many more than hearing and seeing children singing.  Though not always in the correct key or in perfect harmony, the simple joy of little faces pouring their selves into the task at hand is enough to make even a cold heart unthaw.

Making the masses smile is just one of the many things that the Children’s Ensemble is setting out to accomplish in Halifax County Little Theatre’s upcoming production of James Rodgers theatrical adaptation of, It’s A Wonderful Life.


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Miracle on 34th Street
Nov. 17, 18, 24, 25 @ 7:30 l Nov 19 and 26 @ 3:00

Grace & Glorie
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The Lion King, Jr.
April 20, 21,27, 28 @ 7:30pm; 22, 29 @3pm

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